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Ms. Red has come back, to Gamer DNA

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MsRed72 said...
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1st I would like to say hello to all my gaming fans, and to let them know the haps on all of this crazy tom-foolry. Lets start with the Mario Kart, in which i have earned the title of Ms. AutoBahn. To receive a golden key to the 60 Club race track, you must race with an average ending score of 55-60, which is no problem. Now let's move on to the Wii Sports Golf, which there isn't much to tell you there except that the Blkwidow has Irv and Blue in her web. Moving on to the new game (capcom cross generations) that i had a privilege of testing out on Irv and of course you know what the outcome was gaming fans..............Yes You r correct Ms. Red dominated and had waffles for dinner. Right now fans we r in training with the Mario Strikers and when we hit the field u will be the first to witness my skills and slow but sure total gaming domination. To all the Junior gamers Ms. Red loves ya.
Wii Sports

Wii Sports (WII)

Genre/Style: Sports/Multi-Sports
Release Date: 19/NOV/06
Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged (WII)

Genre/Style: Sports/Soccer
Release Date: 30/JUL/07
Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii (WII)

Genre/Style: Racing/Go-Kart Racing
Release Date: 27/APR/08
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Well folks let's starte with the web of the widow. what she didnt see is that its only my GREEN jacket in the web and im on the ground chipping in birdies. Then I gotta give ms autobahn credit on the kart because she has been grinding. Now i call the guy i play with on capcom cross gen Big Waffle and up to now i have been telling everyone that "Big Waffle" is taking all humans to IHOP. That's the inside joke about that. Waffle is the big golden robot on the left. he got his name for the pancake splash he does to his victims after he slams them to the ground. ms red took him down twice but this is a new game in a different language so i need more reps to make him unstoppable. If any of you fans know what is real name is please shoot me an e-mail. And fianally i want to talk about strikers I'M THE BEST AND GETTING BETTER. nuff said
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